Closing Down SALE UP TO 80%

Hello ladies. 

This is going to be our last and final announcement from 

It is with mixed emotions that I must inform you all that I have made the difficult choice of closing my online store and deciding to continue my journey in the photography field. For the past 3 years, I have learned alot to maintain this online store alone, from learning to use the camera to shoot, travel to the overseas alone to buy stocks in, attending bazaars, packing every parcels with my bare hands and deliver to every customers on time, and not to forget I also replied all your emails personally :) In here I would like to thank the models that don't mind being in front of my camera all day with me, my friends & family that being very supportive and of course to every customers that came back so often and made this store happened, without you all, I will not become the way I am today. I also made friends with some customers and still in touch :)

So here it is, the final SALE. They are all in half priced and even more up to 80% because I just couldn't keep them here anymore and I am not even earning! This website is going to be gone by 18th July so I will be greatful if you could share this news around with your friends and family. Thank you so much!

Lastly, if you like to know my whereabouts and life, please follow me on my website or Instagram id @janethecrazy
Thank you and happy shopping once again.

Behind The Scene and Some Personal Updates

I am truly sorry about the lack of updates, things been happening a lot lately! With the massive travelling on and off, then the preparation of my wedding, photoshoot etc, and plus I kinda get lazy... It's really bad I know and I am trying to making it back right now :p 

These photos taken sometime back during an outing shoot..

Love this top but sold out already.

Let me just clarify first that I don't really know much about photography before this so the photos aren't going to be perfect hehe. I learn alot while handling the shoot alone and after going through lots of dummies tutorials from youtube and I can say I'm pretty amazed for what I did :)

Look, models post perfectly but I hated the dustbin so had to crop it out lol.

Carol said she is hungry at the halfway the shoot and ate biscuits haha.

The car I couldn't live without. Always filled with stocks and also a model changing room, can you see the green cloth hanging out of the screen window on the left? It was so hot that day btw!

Love this dress it's so summerish! Still have em in stock for both colors. Let me know if you want them :)

Taking the bts photos is always amazing cause this is what really happened for every shoot haha so funny :p

Shin was the 'assistant' of the day.

If you don't know, Likeigloo is handled by me myself all alone, and it's not easy. Maintaining the website with zero html knowledge, all the social media updates, traveling alone to overseas for stocks buying, stock counting qc checking, attending bazaars, and all the photography related stuffs from planning shooting editing, handling the marketing sales announcement, packing every parcels and doing the pos laju delivery, checking emails constantly and attending Facebook queries etc etc.. basically just everything! Yeap, sometimes I felt as if I'm a superwomen some sort but then it made me feeling so tired of thinking and almost want to give up.. On a second thought, I should be thankful for having the best job in the world cause I was the one who started it and couldn't complain much! Nothing comes easy, right?

And here's another bts video I did using another camera on a tripod, sorry about the low quality produced hehe. Poor Elaine came to model for me on that hazy day and she wasn't feeling too well. I think she's having a running nose which is why she kept on rubbing her eyes and nose in this video. Thank you so much for your effort elaine!

Then, one of the cream dress got featured in ntv7! 

2nd outfit worn on Karen 龚柯允 : Dream Lace Crochet Dress from
You can buy the dress online(link above) or buy from Bazarro KL.

BazarroKL new hideout, view this link for the new address and more pictures.

That's all for this post, I'll be updating the next upcoming new arrivals!! Stay tune.

Teaser - New Arrivals 15 August 2013, 11AM!

Hey! We're back with some new arrivals coming in tomorrow at 11am, remember to check us out! 

Instagram update

I am officially iphonied and I love Instagram
Sorry for the slow updates as I've been extremely busy these days (I am also in a very holiday mood right now haha)

So, these are like the last and final collection for this year! Time really flies. If you like any of them, feel free to check out at Bazarro.KL or buy them directly via online :)

I love the latest collection as they're so FALL and in holiday season mood, hope you like them too :D

Don't forget to check out our CLEARANCE SALE which is happening until 26/12! click HERE

Please note that there will be no delivery arrangement from 31/12/2012 until 3/1/2013. All payments made on the 27th will be schedule for delivery as usual on the 28th. But payment made on the 28th will be delivered on 4/1/2013.
Till then, Merry Christmas and Have a very Happy New Year! 

Farewell 2012! Featuring Diana Caitilin (Part 1) LOOKBOOK

We recently did a photo-shoot with Diana for our latest collection. If you have not heard of her, she is a fashion blogger from

Personally, I am very glad to have her to be our model this time as I've been following her blog for quite sometime. We usually only email each other and finally, I am so happy to meet her in real life! (yes I'm such a little fan :p) She is really pretty in person, also friendly and nice, not to mention that she's very easy to work with too :)

So here are some lookbook photos I've created but don't dare to release it until today (been thinking bout it for such a long time) cause I'm such a newbie in photography/photoshop errr.... Anyway, I'm looking on a bright side so.. here goes!

We actually sold this sweater before from our very old collection but a lot been asking about it so we brought them back again this round! Blue is currently sold out. Still have Red and Yellow but limited. Also available in Bazarro.KL! (Limited as well)

This is my favourite dress! It's soooo comfy and love the design so much!! And super great quality! Must try on this dress if you got go Bazarro.KL ok :)

This is my favourite shot :) Ombre Knit Sweater paired with Aztec Tribal Legging.

Haha, I told Diana this is only a test shot so she gave me this look instead lol

What Diana wore: 

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Thank you!

THANK YOU! Markets @ Jayaone 8

 Here's a big shout out to everyone who came to our little store last Saturday at Markets (Jayaone), THANK YOU!! So sorry although we did a whole clearance sale but we did not bring much stocks over because we thought it was going to rain!! (I checked the weather forecast a day before, it says it'll gonna rain at PJ the whole day wtf and it did not even rain haihhh @_@) Anyway, luckily Shin & Elaine came to help out (Thank you girls!) Everything turned out so well and I am also very happy to meet everyone personally :)

All pix below are taken by Elaine's Samsung phone.

Our very, very one of a kind retro shades! Good quality & great workmanship too. So sorry that they're not available to purchase from our website, but if you're keen, you can write to us at
(Their price ranging from RM99 - RM129)

There's this really nice looking guy came to our store to check out the shades and I just briefly intro him which is nice on him etc etc la and then he left. I kinda sense he is keen on getting the shades (maybe only) and he really came back! Instead of getting one, he bought 2 shades!! Thank you if you are reading this and you certainly got taste on choosing that particular 2 shades haha :p

I think this picture was taken early morning before the crowd came in.

Me with the RM28 signboard lol.

Well here's a good news! To those who did not came that day and miss the chance to grab our super dirt cheap/affordable clearance sale offer, don't worry! CAUSE WE'LL BE DOING A HUGE MASSIVE SALE AGAIN, ONLINE.

Hehe. Will be announcing soon, LIKE VERY SOON.

Watch this space :)