Yes, the store has officially closed down and I am still clearing some leftover items once a while when I am free. I did actually posted some items to sell on Carousell but not much people here use the app, so I am going to post here directly instead. I left really little of each item and some only left 1 pc. So if you are keen to get any of the clothes from me, please email me directly with the form below. All payment will be done only to the Maybank account so please try not to ask for other bank accounts. 
You may email to with the title of "ORDER"

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PS: All pricing posted below does not include postage fee! For delivery within West Malaysia is RM6, and East Malaysia is RM9. All parcels will be send by Pos Laju on the next business day after payment is received. All stocks are ready stocks.

Purple Capelle Tunic

Nadine Long Cotton Cardigan in BLUE

Nadine Long Cotton Cardigan in TEAL GREEN

Nadine Long Cotton Cardigan in PINK

Ichigo Baby Blue Checked Dress

Leopard Black Jacket

Matilda Sequinned Shoulder Cotton Blouse

Yellow Hailey Print Top

Yellow Bling Mili Top

Pink Skorts

Sonia Dress

120 Denier Tights Legging
Dark Grey or Black

Sweet Jesus Cross Legging

Want To Sell - UPDATED

I have lots of items to sell off ever since stopping the business and if you are keen to buy them, please  email to :-

ps. COD in KL/PJ/AMPANG areas only


JIFFY Steamer J2000M
Condition : Bought this ever since the cheap steamer I bought from jusco (those panasonic type) broke down easily only using it for a few times!! So decided to invest in a better one and this Jiffy steamer literary save my life, and it's a really really really good steamer! Too bad I need to let it go since won't be needing to steam the clothes anymore. Condition: well it's still really in good condition cause I bought it just months before the "hardly update" my clothes season anymore meaning I barely use it ever since. More details of this steamer click here

Tagging Guns & Bullets
I have no idea what to call them in a right way but yeah, I don't need these anymore. What are these? I used them to tag pricing labels for all the clothes and it's quite easy to use. For these I can deliver by Pos Laju (fees bear by buyer) cause I don't see why I need to drive out to COD unless you wanna come collect it directly from my house haha. Gun condition - working absolutely fine.

Metal Racks, Wooden Clip Hangers, Plastic Hangers
What a good memory when I used to attend bazaars and using all these. I could sell them separately but it would be awesome that someone could just get them all in a go. I now have 2 racks left, some look pretty rusted but still can be used, I remembered each rack cost about RM80 when I first bought it so I'm selling pretty cheap here. And for the black plastic hangers, I think I have them near to 30 dozens or less, and also having maybe 12 dozens of the wooden clip hangers too. For these I could only COD somewhere in KL or PJ, or directly collect from my house cause these stuffs can easily weight a lot and don't think you wanna spend more on delivery charges as well.

2 Metal Racks - RM50 or RM30 for 1
Black Plastic Hangers - 12 dozens RM28
Wooden Clip Hangers - 5 pcs RM8

Canon 600D + 18-55 Lens
This is the camera that got me into photography :) Well I'm selling it because I already bought another camera earlier this year, and I don't really use this anymore. I used this camera for all Igloo's photo-shoots as well as videography. So far it is still working fine and I also took it for servicing few months ago. Currently around 50k shutter count, and w/o warranty. Anyone keen to buy can actually test it first before deciding. Really hope my baby can find a new and nice owner :)

Canon 5D Mark II
I realise I have been upgrading my gear continuously for the past few years, I bought a 600d and sold my Olympus pen, then buying a Mark2 and sold the 600d and now I just got another camera and wanted to sell this Mark2! I love how the flow goes haha. So yeah, this M2 don't have any warranty anymore but still working fine. I been using it for every jobs and projects i did, together with the prime lens below. The shutter count is 61k. Very high I KNOW cause I am a very heavy user. 4K is my selling price but pls email me and let me know your budget aright! I'll consider if it's not too low. It comes with the standard package, an original canon battery, original M2 strap, charger, cds, booklet, cables and the box. No memory card. The body has a little scratch marks but you can always check and test it when COD. Willing to meet around KL/CHERAS/PJ/AMPANG areas only. Postage fee bear by buyer.

SIGMA 50MM 1.4 for CANON
This will be my favourite prime lens of all times. I remembered I first bought the prime canon cheaper 1.8 version but quickly switched to this sigma ones when I got the funds just because of the higher aperture. I got hooked for primes ever since and it's super! Prime is definitely the god for me cause I love how bright it can capture once you know the techniques. Anyway, I have already got another prime lens now so I am now letting go this one! The warranty is still valid until 1/1/2015, working fine and comes with normal package - hood, warranty card, zip bag and box and a filter too! Email me your budget price and I'll consider. COD at the same places I mentioned above.